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On January 19, 1916, the residents of Trexlertown were surprised when a fire broke out in the knitting mill of a factory across the street from what is now the Carlton Pools Showroom and Retail Store. This building burned to the ground and the only help was a chemical truck from an Allentown Fire Company, which was summoned as a standby and to help to save the buildings nearby. This tragedy aroused the citizens of Trexlertown to a point that some protection was needed to prevent any more such experiences.

In 1930 the fire company purchased a Ford truck with a 157-inch wheel chassis, on which were mounted a Type 2-C Hale Booster Pump complete with two 104 gallon tanks, body, ladder, pike pole, lanterns, siren, etc. at a cost of $2600.00

In, or about, 1932 a siren was purchased and placed on the first fire house. This siren was later transferred to the new quarters, the school house, with all other equipment.

In 1948 the company purchased a Mack Type #505 Fire Engine with a 750 gallon per minute pump and a 300 gallon booster tank. This piece of equipment cost $12,960.75.

In 1954 the first two-way radio equipment was installed on the fire trucks.

At a meeting on April 6, 1956, a motion was made to purchase a tank truck, and on July 23rd an International Model R-196 chassis and cab was purchased and delivered to Harwick Manufacturing Co., for installation of a Hale Model L-75 pump and a 1500 gallon custom built tank and body at a price not to exceed $15,500.00.

In June of 1957, the Trexlertown elementary school was put on public auction and the fire company purchased same for $5,500.00. The old fire house was sold at public auction for the sum of $3,800.00; this amount was applied to the building fund.

At a meeting on December 7, 1964, a motion was made to purchase a panel truck for use of the company to carry miscellaneous equipment to fires. This truck cost $1,200.00.

The Ladies Auxiliary was organized on January 6, 1949.

In 1967, the company decided to remove the second story of the old school house over the engine room and have the entire building brick faced at a cost of $12,790.46.

In 1970 the company bought a 1700 Loaster International four-wheel drive chassis with a 10-ton power winch mounted on the front end. Hahn Motor built the body for the truck. The truck is equipped with 600 gallon Per minute PTO Pump and a 400 gallon tank with two booster reels. The truck was designed for fighting field and brush fires. The body of the truck is constructed of diamond plate with compartments for equipment. The hose reel compartment has two openings, one on the side, and one on the top, whick is used when fighting field fires. The hose reel compartments are heated. The cost of the truck with the two-way radio was $24,040.65

During the month of February 1972 the siren burned out and a new 10 HP, 3 Phase siren was purchased. This siren was placed on a steel tower to the rear of the building. The total cost of construction of the tower and new wiring required for the siren was $3,621.14.

In November 1973 the company purchased a second hand International Tractor and a Fruehauf 4500 gallon semi-trailer for $1,800.00. The company purchased a 1974 International Loadstar chassis and had "Providence Body Co." build a rescue body with room inside for 12 men to ride. It was equipped with a 15 KW PTO Generator with 110V lighting in all compartments and two Quartz Lights mounted on each side of the body. There were compartment openings on the exterior of the truck in which portable lights, wire on reels, portor power jack, portable pump and generator and power saw were stored. This truck with body and generator cost $25,959.00.

At the June 1975 meeting a contract was awarded to Bruce Lehr to erect a new engine room 50' x 96' alongside the present engine room. The trucks were housed in the new building in January 1976 and a formal dedication of the new building and housing of the newest truck is set for September 11, 1976, with an all day affair. The cost of the building was $77,300.00. A mortgage or $50,000 was obtained from Red Hill Savings and Loan in October 1975 to help defray the cost of the building.

At the meeting on May 1, 1978 the Truck Committee proposed that we purchase a Hahn pumper. It is a Ford body and 1000 gallon per minute Hale pump at a price of $38,500.00. At the company meeting on June 5, 1978 the motion passed to purchase the Hahn pumper.

At the April 7, 1980 meeting a truck committee was formed to look for a new tanker.

At the August 4, 1980 meeting, the Truck Committee presented a 1975 Ford Tanker with 3500 gallon stainless steel tank, at a price of $20,500.

On August 6, 1980 a special meeting was called to purchase the tanker for $19,000.

At the December 7, 1981 meeting the Trustees and Fire Chief reported they purchased the Jaws of Life O-Cutter, 30" and 60" rams, hoses, gas monitor, and electric backup. For a price of $1,182, this purchase helped to put us in the field of vehicle rescue.

In September 1983, we purchased the air bag system for rescue work at the cost of $6,431.50.

On January 2, 1984 it was decided to refurbish the Rescue Truck. The Rescue Truck was taken to Liberty Fire Protection Inc. to have the compartments reconfigured and to have a new generator installed. The total amount of the project was $18,000.00. When the truck came back from Liberty Protection it was sent to Newtown Auto Body to be undercoated and have the inside of the painted.

In May of 1984 the Fire Team voted to purchase uniforms. The members of the Fire Team felt it was now time to establish an official dress code. The Fire Team decided to pay for the uniforms with the profits they made from their monthly breakfast that they served to the community.

In January of 1985 it was decided to replace the existing Tank Trailer from our current Tractor/Trailer. The Tank Trailer had many holes in the tank that needed to be repaired. A used Tank Trailer was purchased for $4,670.71, and Boyco Petroleum put the pump and discharge lines underneath the tank.

On January 7, 1985, automation changed a fund raising tradition at the Fire Company. The motion was made to purchase a donut machine and cutter from Scranton Bakery Supply at a cost of $ 6,335.00. This purchase would change the Trexlertown Fire Company’s fastnacht(donut) sale forever. It was out with the traditional hand rolling and cutting method that we had used for 30 years. After much testing and experimenting with the dough they finally perfected the proper batch consistency. This new machine would allow the fund raiser to produce twice as many fastnachts(donuts). It also allowed the Fire Company to double their profits for their annual Lenten sale.

At the April 5, 1985 meeting it was decided to purchase a Pierce Arrow Custom Pumper from Pierce Manufacturing of Appleton Wisconsin at a cost of $142,000, the contract was signed following April 5 meeting and on April 23, 1986, the truck committee went to Wisconsin to bring our truck home. Our truck arrived in Trexlertown on Saturday April 26, 1986.

In January of 1987 the Fire Team officers had the second floor storage area renovated to accommodate an office and a storage room.

On March 9, 1987 a motion was made to refurbish the Brush Truck. It was agreed that General Tank Inc. would replace the tank with a new stainless tank. There would be compartment upgrades and top-side hoses and nozzles installed. The entire project would cost $21,489.00

In November of 1987 it was decide to retire and sell the 1947 Mack. The sealed bid was awarded to Fire Safety Specialists Inc. of Texas for $3,888.00. A few years later the truck was seen with our name still on the side door of it. The Shellhamer family was on vacation in Mexico, and spotted the truck which was still in service responding to calls.

On August 1, 1988 the Fire Company purchased a new Tractor for its Tractor/Trailer. This was bought at Lowe and Moyer garage for a cost of $39,200.00.

January 28, 1990 the Goodwill Fire Company suffered its first and only line of duty death to date. Fire Policeman Willard C. Kuhns suffered a heart attack responding to a dwelling fire at 132 Boyd Drive in Trexlertown. Fellow firefighters on the fire scene attempted to revive Willie with C.P.R. and they were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead upon his arrival to Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Firefighters Memorial Database Results
Firefighter's Name Fire Dept. Name City, State
Kuhns, Willard C. - Goodwill Fire Company #1 - Trexlertown, Pennsylvania

On November 16, 1992 there was a special meeting called to order. At this meeting it was decided that we would sell units 2522 and 2521 and with the monies raised we would purchase a new 3000 gallon tanker. The Trexlertown and Fogelsville Fire Companies formed a truck replacement committee. The committee created a 10 year truck replacement plan and approached the Upper Macungie Supervisors for financial assistance. The Supervisors were pleased with the proposal and created a truck replacement plan for the Township Fire Companies. This plan would put away $100,000.00 a year to purchase new fire apparatus.

On August 1, 1993 the fire company bar room was burglarized and set on fire. The Trexlertown firefighters did a great job of containing the fire in the bar room area. It took several months for the bar room to be cleaned-up and the renovations to be completed. The Fire Company had to set up a temporary bar in the social hall area in order to keep their State Liquor License current. This temporary bar continued until November 4th when the newly remodeled bar reopened.

March 1, 1994 a special meeting was called to order in the social hall. The Pierce Heavy Rescue Truck that the Fire Company had been designing for 5 years was over budget. The Upper Macungie Township Supervisors agreed to purchase a new Rescue Truck for the Trexlertown Fire Company at a cost of $300,000.00. The bid to build the Rescue Truck came in at $385,654.00. The Township Supervisors asked if equipment could be cut out of the truck to lower the price closer to budget. The Fire Company officers felt that the Rescue Truck they designed was the best truck to service the citizens of the community. It was agreed upon that the Fire Company would purchase the Rescue Truck as it was originally designed. The Upper Macungie Township Supervisors agreed to take the already allocated $300,000.00 and purchase a new Pumper/Tanker for the Fire Company.

On September 12, 1994 the Fire Police approached the Fire Company to purchase a Fire Police Vehicle. It was decided to wait one year to purchase a Fire Police Vehicle, until income was gained from the sales of units 2522 and the old 2541.

On October 2, 1995 the Fire Company purchased a 1 ton GMC chassis and had an Omaha utility body mounted on it. The total cost of the project would be $31,525.00, plus another $1,200.00 to have cab painted white, gold leafed lettering and reflective stripes.

The 1996 year was spent renovating and cleaning the Fire Company and Engine Room.

A dedication celebration would be held on September 7, 1996, to dedicate Fire Police unit 2552, Pumper/Tanker 2521, and Heavy Rescue 2541. The Engine room was repainted, new computers purchased, and engine room floor sealed. The Fire Company also finished the social hall bathroom renovations they had been working on for over a year. New handicapped accessible bathrooms were installed with new fixtures and automatic flushers.

On January 7, 1997 Upper Macungie Township made $375,000.00 available to replace the Fire Companies first-out engine. It would take until July of 1998 to replace the engine. It was decided to sell Engine 2512 and the old Engine 2511. The new engine would be a Pierce Quantum with an automated flip down steps and a ladder rack. The final price of the engine was $384,981.00 which was over the Township allotment. The balance of the cost was paid by the Upper Macungie Township Relief Association.

At the April 5, 1999 meeting it was decided to create an internet web-site for the Fire Company and the Ladies Auxiliary. This web-site would allow the public to interact and view facts or information about both organizations.

November 1, 1999 the Fire Company had minor repairs and upgrades done to the engine room. The roof was redone and a new phone system installed. There was an upgrade done to the fire alarm system, a new office computer was purchased, and the installation of new glass overhead doors. The new overhead doors on the front of the engine room were trimmed in brown and cost $15,560.00.

On February 7, 2000 the Fire Company decided to purchase a Fire Chiefs vehicle. It was decided to purchase a 2001 GMC Yukon and have Odyssey Inc. install the emergency lights and siren. Odyssey will also build a custom console and rear command cabinet to store emergency equipment. The total cost of the project was $42,000.00 and the Ladies Auxiliary paid $25,000.00 towards the vehicle purchase.

In April 2001 the Upper Macungie Township Task Force was formed. The Task Force Committee was comprised of firefighters and residents of the community. This committee will assist both Trexlertown and Fogelsville Fire Companies with fire department issues. Recruitment and retention of firefighters is the committee’s main focus.

After many years of discussion, it was decided in July of 2002 to close down the bar room. This decision was made due to the decrease in patron participation and declining bar room sales. New stringent drunk driving laws made it difficult for the public to socially drink. The Fire Company felt they could best serve the community safer, without having a bar room.

A motion was made in March of 2003, to stop using firefighter’s personal vehicles to haul social hall tables, fire hose, and firefighting equipment. A 1996 GMC Sierra pick-up was purchased for $8,000.00 from Upper Macungie Township. This vehicle would become Utility Vehicle 2591.

On January 1, 2003 The Upper Macungie Task Force unveiled a Volunteer Gratuity Program for the firefighters. Upper Macungie Township would provide compensation to each firefighter for their hours served. This program would give $3.00 per hour of training, and $3.00 for every emergency call that the firefighters responded to. This program was designed as an incentive to bring in new firefighters to the Fire Company, and to retain all of the existing firefighters.

On August 23, 2004 a feasibility committee was formed to gather facts for the possibility of moving and building a new fire house. The committee was investigating the possible move in an effort to give better protection to the community. This was being done to be more centrally located in the fire district and move away from existing traffic congestion.

January 3, 2005 a Safety Committee was formed by the Upper Macungie Township Relief Association. This committee will address firefighter physical examinations, all firefighter innoculations, and firefighter fitness.

At the end of 2005 the Upper Macungie Township Supervisors voted to adjust the pay out for the Volunteer Gratuity Program. Due to rising fuel prices it was decided to pay the Firefighters $5.00 per call instead of the $3.00 they were currently getting.

In January 2006 it was decided to refurbish Utility Vehicle 2591. The truck was repainted red & white, new lights and siren were added, also new tires and aluminum rims were installed. Gold leaf lettering and scotchlite stripes were added.

In July of 2006 it was decided to renovate the old bar area into a training room for fire/rescue classes. The bar area was torn out and shortened and the entire room got painted. The installed old pictures and memorabilia of years past to make the room more presentable to outside firefighter visiting or taking training in the room.

In February of 2007 the membership decided it was time to clean up the outside look of the fire station. A building repair committee was formed to determine what could be done to enhance to look and function of the facility. It was decided to repaint the entire exterior of the building tan instead of the current white that it has been since it was built. The committee also decided to replace all of the outside signage, put in new Ballard polls, paint the exterior doors, and do general cleaning of the parking lot. In April it was decided to look into changing the building heat from the existing oil heat system to an LP gas system. Over the summer months the old system was taken out and then in the fall the new heat system was installed. The entire renovation was completed by November and the station was looking new again from the exterior.

In March of 2008 it was decided to form another repair committee to do some inside renovations. The Quartermasters/storage Room, the Squad Room, the Social Hall, and interior area of Engine Room would all be looked at to have upgrades and facelifts to make the facility more presentable and functional.

On May 3, 2008 Station #25 was assisted by the newly formed Upper Macungie Township Station #56 for a traffic control call. This would be a mark in history as this was Station #56’s first documented call.

December 28, 2011 Quint 2531 went in service.

More will be added as time goes by......

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