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Trexlertown Goodwill Fire Company
Quint 2531 was custom built by Smeal and delivered in October 2011 for the Trexlertown Fire Company. The Quint committee consisted of Fire Commissioner Grant Grim, Chief Scott Weber, Assistant Chief Arlan Wright, Fire Fighter Kyle Dietrich, Fire Fighter Brian Schultz and Fire Marshal Bill Gillespie II. Quint 2531 is built on a custom Spartan Sirius Chassis.

The overall apparatus measures 47' in length with a height of 12'3". It is equipped with a 125' Ladder, 2000 GPM Waterous pump, 400 Gal. Poly Tank, 2 1 cross lays, 1 3" cross lay, 150' 1 pre-connected bumper line, ISG Elite XR thermal imaging camera, David Clark headset system throughout the cab with both front headsets being wireless and 115' of ground ladders. It also has an EHL (Ergonomic Hose Load) which extends and retracts out of the rear of apparatus carrying 500' of 5" LDH, 400' 3" hose pre-connected to a Blitz Fire Ground monitor.

It is equipped to carry 8 personnel with 5 dedicated air pack seats. The sixth air pack is supplied for the driver in accordance with the NFPA requirements. It is also equipped with a rope rescue system which is unique to the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. Along with its rope rescue capabilities, it is equipped with the CMC Rescue Team Kit with Fire Rescue Harnesses equipping 4 certified Rope Technicians. Quint 2531 is the most well equipped Quint in the Lehigh Valley area with a large quantity of tools to assist fire fighters with the task at hand.

Trexlertown Goodwill Fire Company

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